Friday, November 18, 2011

Visit to the Children's Book Bank

A few months (!) since the last post, but here we are...

Yesterday (November 17, 2011), the CYA group had a field trip to the Children's Book Bank, where we were hosted by the charming and engaging Jackie Flowers (past Co-Chair of CYA). It being a chilly day at the end of November, we had a few less people come than anticipated, but our group of five had a lively and interesting discussion. Our topics ranged from the founding and business operations of the Children's Book Bank (thanks to founder Kim Beatty for her insights), to discussions of book talks, story times, outreach, and more.

As it says on their website:

"The Children’s Book Bank is a registered charitable literacy organization that provides free books and literacy support to children in low-income neighbourhoods.
From its store-front location in the Regent Park neighborhood, The Children’s Book Bank collects, recycles and distributes free books to children who need them across Toronto."

Such a great service!

While we were there, a large group of kids from a local after school program came in. It was fun to see their curiosity and excitement at getting to take home a book of their own. Some kids made a beeline for a certain book (obviously, they had been to the Book Bank before!). Others had a more difficult time choosing just one, and exchanged their selection several times. In the end, everyone chose a book to take home and keep as their own, with the assistance of volunteers and librarian Jane Crist.

The Book Bank also has a fundraiser coming up on Monday, Nov 21; you can find out more details on the Children's Book Bank blog.

Thanks again to Jackie Flowers, Kim Beatty, and Jane Crist at the Children's Book Bank; we had a wonderful time!
~Val Stevens, CYA Chair (2011-2012)

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