Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Review: My Name is Elizabeth!

Dunklee, Annika. My Name is Elizabeth!. Illus. Matthew Forsythe. Toronto: Kids Can Press Ltd., 2011.

My Name is Elizabeth! is a lovely and whimsically illustrated story about Elizabeth – a little girl with a long name and a big voice. She doesn’t like it when people give her nicknames, especially since her name is so fun to say and used to belong to a queen! So, one day, Elizabeth resolves to make sure people understand that her name is in fact E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H.

Dunklee’s story is charmingly written. Elizabeth is a strong, independent, and intelligent young girl who makes a terrific role model for a younger audience. She is determined without being impolite or unpleasant, and from beginning to end she is a truly likeable character. Matthew Forsythe’s illustrations are fun and fanciful, and will likely lead every young girl to beg her parents for a pet duck sometime in the near future.

The book’s audience is wider than its title might suggest; Elizabeth’s plight speaks broadly to young girls near and far, regardless of their name (though I’m sure that any young girl named Elizabeth would be thrilled to receive this as a birthday present). My Name is Elizabeth is a thoroughly enjoyable read and will delight young girls, whether or not they are in favour of nicknames, for many years to come.

-contributed by Laura Chadwick, CYA member

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