Friday, September 11, 2009

CYA 2009-2010 - Ways to get involved

Greetings CYA members,
  • What does advocacy meant to you and what expectations do you have about the CYA?
  • What issues or topics are you interested in terms of advocating for children and youth?
Keep these questions in mind as you look over my ideas for the CYA Group in 2009-2010 and let me know what you think or any suggestions.

Is there anything you would like to take charge of, the more people involved means the more variety in CYA during the year and give members a great experience that will add to their professional development and resume.

1. Administrative Details

1A) First year Co-Chair:

In first year and looking to get involved?

There is a Co-Chair position available for a First year student (from any stream or area of focus). This can help to ensure the continuation of the CYA Group by establishing a possible line of succession.
Drop an email to let us know that you're interested (

2. 2009-2010 PROPOSED PLAN
As the 2nd Yr Chair, Kate has proposed using the topic/theme of ACCESS to organize activities for the 2009-2010 year:

2A) Access to quality information by REVIEWING materials
Focus: Build skill in reviewing and analyzing materials for children & youth or information professionals working with them by:
  • Provide CYA members with a method to individually advocate for children & youth (now & post graduation)
  • Assess materials in terms of critical analysis & collection development (negative & positive perspectives)
  • Reviewing materials in a range of formats (publishing, technology, Internet links),
  • Learn about assessment criteria for journal reviews (genres, age/audience, production, visuals, intention/goal/best uses),
  • Provide opportunities to peer review and publishing of reviews by CYA members through meet ups & blog
  • Establish an accessible archive of links for: Professional development (Skill building tools and resources on literary analysis, review writing/publishing), Resources (C&Y's literature/film/music/software/hardware/blogs/websites/databases), or Issues & Trends (research/groups/initiatives)

Possible activities:
  • BOOK CLUB: monthly or semester, alternate or combine picture books, early readers, or YA (fiction or non-fiction)suggested by CYA members or pulled from awards lists (preferably in the TPL library system so people can access it)
  • WORKSHOPS: writing book reviews

2B) Access to RESOURCES
Focus: Resources for information professionals working with youth & children, as well as, resources for youth & children to use.
Let us know if YOU have any suggestions.


- Sign up for our LISTSERV (
We use it for any time sensitive announcements & to share links (Sharing events, submission requests, seeking or giving advice, and updates on CYA business & blog (on a bi-weekly or Monthly basis).

The newly created BLOG ( is an archive of resources/information/links and gives CYA members an opportunity to contribute/ publish about CYA issues & resources. The blog is accessible to the general public and contributors could refer prospective employers etc. to the website to see their published work or involvement.

BLOG provides opportunities for CYA members to volunteer/participate.
  • LISTINGS (Internet Links, book lists, databases, online tools, professional associations, youth committees, programming) GRANTS
  • REVIEWS (literature, websites, journals, organizations, programs)
  • PROFILES / INTERVIEWS (individuals-authors, illustrators, information professionals, etc..; organizations or events incl. conferences, academic or non-academic/independent or corporate/local or international events)
  • ARTICLES or BLURBS on research, issues, trends, current events, technology, strategies (programming, administrative, jobs, )
  • CYA (overview of meeting minutes, i-School curriculum & faculty, events, courses, areas of further interest)

  • What topics interest CYA members for this year?
  • Book Reviews &/or Awards
  • Literacy Initiatives
  • Storytelling / Programming
  • Funding or administrative issues for children & youth programs & initiatives (grant writing, government resources)
  • Children & youth issues outside of the library setting

Ideas to explore depending on interest:
  • North York Central Library,
  • Children's Department at Northern District Library,
  • a Youth Advisory committee,
  • book stores? (Beguiling, Mabel's Fables, etc.),
  • Toronto's Gay & Lesbian Archives, Toronto Zine Library,
  • Art Gallery of Ontario (Education Division), other museums, galleries,
  • Community or Professional Organizations - Storytelling Toronto (formerly Storytellers School of Toronto),
  • Faculty of Information Alum or one of the Professional Organizations.
  • Authors or Illustrators or Storytellers/Performers - the Canadian Society of Children's Authors Illustrators and Performers,

Kate Johnson
2nd Yr CYA Chair

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