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INF 2196H Course - Sports Websites for Teens by Alison Schroeder

In INF 2196H - New Media and Information Practices of the Young, students put together annotated bibliographies of websites for particular audience (children, teens, parents, professions that work with young people). CYA is happy to present a space where these resources can be shared. Enjoy the first collection of websites by Allison Schroeder.
Please note the dates when these site have last been accessed. 

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 Annotated Website Bibliography for Teens – Sports Theme

by Alison Schroeder

If you are interested in watching and participating in sports, here is a list of websites that will help you learn more about all kinds of athletics. The first section has links to general information about sports and how to get involved with athletics. The second section has official websites of many professional and international sport associations and rules of play. If you have never played basketball, but really want to get involved, use this websites below to get started!

If there are sports that are not included, let us know and we can research them and add more great websites to the list!

General Sports Sites
2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
Last visited October 16, 2009
The Winter Olympics are coming to Vancouver! If you can’t be there in person, visit the official website of the 2010 Winter Games and Paralympic Games to keep up-to-date on the games.  Watch a video on the making of the medals or go to the Fun Zone to play games with the official mascots of the 2010 games! Starting on October 30, 2009, follow the Olympic torch as “12,000 torchbearers carry it on its 45,000 kilometer journey”. Click on a specific sport from the Athletes and Sports menu and learn about the terms, training requirements and hear the athletes talk about their sport! There is something on this website for everyone!

Canadian Olympic Committee 
Last visited October 16, 2009
Interested in all Olympic sports? Visit the official site of the Canadian Olympic Committee to find facts about all the summer and winter games from a Canadian point of view! Learn about Canadian Olympic athletes past and present and get a historical view of all the former games.

TSN - The Sports Network  

Last visited October 16, 2009
This website will give you ALL the information you need on ALL the major league sports – baseball, football, soccer, hockey and more! If you are looking for stats this is the site to be at! The site is dedicated to American Sports interests – for a Canadian and International perspective see some of the sites listed below.

Canadian Interuniversity Sport – Playing regulations 2009-2010

Last visited October 17, 2009
Are you interested in University level athletics? This website will give you information on the regulations that are unique to Canadian University Sport. To view schedules for your favourite sport at the University of Guelph, click on Member Universities from the menu bar. It doesn’t cost much for students to see the games, the competition at this level is phenomenal and it’s fun! You might even get a chance to see a future star play!

Volunteer Centre of Guelph Wellington–Youth page

Last visited October 17, 2009
If you love being involved in sports and want to inspire kids to be the same way, why not have some fun getting your Community Involvement hours helping a little league baseball team or whatever sport you’re into? This link will take you to volunteer opportunities for youth in Guelph. If there are no postings that fit for you, keep visiting the site or better yet contact the Volunteer Centre and talk to them directly.
Sports Illustrated for kids  

Last visited October 17, 2009
You think you are too old for this website – give it a try! You get all the latest scores and click on News and blogs from the menu bar to see the games, tournaments and sporting events that are coming up. The interactive  games are really fun and if you want to try out fantasy sports, you can sign up for fantasy football, baseball, basketball and hockey. You don’t have to have a subscription to the magazine to use this website, but be careful of where links from this site take you – there is a lot  of advertising on this site.

Specific Sports
Official site of Major League Baseball  

Last visited October 17, 2009
Visit this site for ALL the details about Major League Baseball – stats, standings, team sites, etc…There is a lot of information here for you to dig through – here are a couple of the highlights of interest: Player transactions for every Major League team are available from 2001 to now, you can view and trade baseball cards AND compare stats for individual players and teams. If you’re not sure what the stats mean, use the Stats 101 help in the left menu bar!

Baseball Rules

Last visited October 17, 2009
What a great site for learning the basic rules of baseball and softball to get you started. The whole site is well organized and really easy to navigate. If you can’t find what you need on the site, click on the Ask the Ump tab and ask a question. This is an American website so keep that in mind when you are searching it – the rules for Canada may be a little different.

NBA.COM – The Game Happens Here

Last visited October 17, 2009
The official site of the National Basketball Association has lots of great information, but beware there is lots of advertising too! The main menu bar across the top of the home page has game team and player related information in red. The blue links will take you to advertising and merchandise pages. A great feature of the main page is the banner that tells you yesterdays game results and todays and tomorrows upcoming games.  Lots of stats are available here too! For some on-line fun, there are four games you can play from this site. Watch out for advertising on this site.

FIBA.COM – Home of International Basketball
Last visited October 17, 2009
The Official website of the International Basketball Federation really is geared to young players! This site is so easy to navigate AND as well as a having pages on rules there is a great glossary of basketball terms and a free download of FIBA’s Assist magazine. Did you know that the FIBA World Championship tournament happens every four years?  The next tourney is summer 2010 in Turkey – there is a link to the championship website from the main page so you can follow the progress toward the tourney. If you are an artist, go to the Interactive menu option and submit your basketball themed artwork to share with other fans.

Basketball Breakthrough

 Last visited October 17, 2009
This site is an excellent resource to help you improve your basketball skills and to give you advice if you want to try to coach a younger kids team. There are many resources that are available from the site – most of them are free and the ones that are a cost won’t break your bank! Click on About Us to read bios on the guys that started and run Basketball Breakthrough. They all have been involved in many aspects of basketball for their whole lives and just want to pass on their knowledge. Take some of their advice on improving your game and then just practice!   When you first open this site you might get a pop-up asking you to register for an e-newsletter – if you don’t want to, just close the window.


Last visited October 17, 2009
Don’t let anyone tell you Canadian football isn’t exciting! Bigger field and fewer attempts to score make for great football! This site may not be splashy, but it has all the stats, standings and game info that you need. Click on Fanzone then The Game for details of what makes Canadian football unique. You can buy a CFL rule book from this website, but see the website below for free access to the 2009/2010 rules.  

Last visited October 18, 2009
Definitely lots happening on this site! All the standard stats, standings, team and player news. The top banner from the main page tells you the current day’s game scores and provides links to all the NFL team home pages. If you are interested in trying out fantasy football, click on Fantasy 101 from the Fantasy menu option to get the basic of the latest sports craze – it’s free to join too!

CFL Rule Book – 2009

Last visited October 17, 2009
Not much to say about this link except it is just the rules. It is the official CFL playing rules for the current season and will be a great resource to help you understand the Canadian game. If clicking on the link above doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your web browser.
NFL Rulebook

Last visited October 18, 2009
From this website you can access the NFL Digest of Rules, NFL Official signals, Beginner’s Guide to Football and Football basics. This website is easy to navigate and well organized to help you learn about the game so you can enjoy both watching and playing! Clicking Football basics takes you to another website called – see below for a separate review on this site.
Football 411 – NFLRush

Last visited October 18, 2009
This website is loaded with fun! Designed for kids, there are lots of games to play, but beware – the flashy graphics can sometimes take a while to load and some links take you to another website. The Fan Central tab from the menu bar will link you to all the official stats and standings. And you can register here for a kid friendly fantasy football league.

Ice Hockey – The National Hockey League

Last visited October 18, 2009
This site has all the trivia of the other major league sports websites to help you enjoy watching and playing Canada’s official winter sport! From the Fans tab you can follow the NHL action and interact with other fans on Twitter, message boards and blogs.

IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) Rule Book

 Last visited October 18, 2009
The International Ice Hockey Federation governs World and Olympic Hockey competition. This site gives you a link to the IIHF Rulebook in a PDF format and on the main page is a comparison of NHL and IIHF rink sizes. 
Hockey Canada. ca
Last visited October 18, 2009
The site gives an excellent overview of hockey in Canada with equal air time for both Men’s and Women’s Hockey. This is a great resource if you are interested in coaching or officiating minor hockey. Click on the Minor Hockey tab for useful and informative links to everything minor hockey. The Referee’s case book/rule combination is available to download from this site, but it’s a big document (152 pages!). 

Lacrosse – National Lacrosse League

Last visited October 18, 2009
 Did you know that lacrosse is the National Summer Sport of Canada? The National Lacrosse League is the league that governs box (indoor) lacrosse. This site has the stats and player information as well as links to the league team websites. From the LAX 101 tab you can get an overview of the game and the official rulebook.

Major League Lacrosse          

Last visited October 18, 2009
Major League Lacrosse is the official league of field lacrosse. Some of the rules are different from box lacrosse. Click on About the MLL for rules specific to this league. 

Lacrosse: a history of Canada’s game

Last visited October 17, 2009
This site has to be included – it gives a short history of lacrosse and CBC radio and TV shows about lacrosse. A Canadian site for a Canadian game. And if you want more CBC views on sports, look at the menu on the left of the page.

Official Lacrosse Rules: college & high school"

 Last visited October 17, 2009
There are other sites to get official rules of lacrosse, but this is most comprehensive and covers rules for all levels of play. The site is administered by US Lacrosse, so beware Canadian rules are different.

Soccer – Fédération Internationale de Football Association

Last visited October 17, 2009
FIFA is the world authority on soccer, so this site is a must! There is so much going on in the soccer world, so this site is packed with tournament, player and team news. Take some time to navigate the site to find what really interests you! The small Associations icon in the top menu bar will take you to any the Soccer Association of any country in the world. There are some great links at the bottom of the home page that you might miss if you don’t scroll down – like the Players Health link that provides information on injury prevention.   

Canadian Soccer Association – Official site of the Canadian Soccer Association

Last visited October 17, 2009
The motto of the Association is “Leading Canada to victory and Canadians to a life-long passion for soccer”.  This site has links to all provincial and territorial Soccer Association websites and upcoming tournaments. Click on the Profiles menu option to get stats on ALL the Canadian teams.

Soccer Rules

Last visited October 17, 2009
This site might not be pretty, but it is has a great overview of soccer rules. It is not associated with any soccer association, so the rules may not be official. The site explains that the FIFA rules are complex and lengthy, so they have attempted to simplify them. They do give you instructions on how to retrieve the official FIFA rules if you want. This site is a great place to start learning about soccer!

FIVB- Fédération Internationale de Volleyball

Last visited October 17, 2009
Volleyball is a fast growing sport in Canada – it is active, the ultimate in team co-operation and appeals equally to men and women. It really can be played anywhere by anyone and several variations of the game have helped it become so popular. From The Game menu option, you can access a history of volleyball and the official FIVB rules.

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