Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Upcoming Field Trip: The Children's Book Bank

Yesterday afternoon, the iSchool student chapter of Librarians without Borders (“LWB”) organized a panel session featuring individuals who are doing inspiring work to bring literacy and libraries to different high-needs communities, both domestically and internationally.  The founder of The Children’s Book Bank, Kim Beatty, was on the panel and she spoke about how her organization came to be. 
Ms. Beatty's idea to form a book bank for children came from her volunteer work in running book drives.  After delivering books to children in low-income neighbourhoods, she learned that there is a huge demand by these children to own their own books. 

Something we should stop to consider for a moment is how valuable a free book is to a child who has never been able to own a book because of its cost.  It's probably difficult for most of us to understand.  
The Children’s Book Bank opens its doors to children five days a week.  It is a fresh, clean space, organized to help children make a meaningful book selection.  The book that the child selects is their book forever.  Children may take one book home with them each visit and some children visit every day.    
Watch this short news segment video of The Children’s Book Bank featured on their website ( to get a glimpse of its impact. 

Children and Youth Advocacy is organizing a tour of The Children’s Book Bank in the coming weeks.  Email if you’re interested in joining us for a trip to this wonderful place and we’ll send you the details (date: TBD). It's a trip you don't want to miss!

-Jackie Flowers, Co-Chair

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